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Ace Calibration is a local, family-owned service provider that performs contracted windshield installations and ADAS calibration services. Our priority is to provide the safest and most complete auto glass replacement possible. We work seamlessly with insurance companies, clients and glass shops to ensure safety and satisfaction. We have been performing auto glass installations from Idaho to Arizona for the past 20 years. During that time, we have replaced over 40,000 windshields and performed over 2500+ ADAS Calibrations. We have developed an exceptionally high standard for installation techniques and safety. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build using our technical knowledge, skill and hard work. We provide ADAS Calibration Support service to over 20 Auto Glass Shops throughout the West and our list is growing! We dedicated to working with you!
Our mission is to learn, educate and be leaders in our industry by incorporating windshield replacements with ADAS Calibration simultaneously. Many glass companies are not equipped to replace your windshield if it is equipped with ADAS features. This leaves the client with an unsafe vehicle, extra liability and another appointment to deal with. Returning a vehicle back to a customer without it being calibrated is a huge safety issue and liability for everyone involved. We focus on doing a complete job for our clients and the glass shops we work with. We have the most advanced equipment, support, and the talent to service most vehicles. When it comes to your windshield replacement, you will find out that very few in the industry can compare to what we can do for your clients. We are the experts in combining ADAS Calibration with windshield replacement and are here to serve you!



Ryan Russell
Owner / Master Technician

Ryan has been in the Auto Glass industry for over 22 years. He is a Master Technician and one of the first to receive an Autel ADAS Calibration System in the United States. He founded Ace Calibration in 2019 to help independent auto glass shops be able to serve their customers better. Over his career he has installed over 40,000 windshields and performed over 3,000 ADAS Calibrations.

Josh Hunsaker
Certified Calibration Technician / Manager

Josh has been with Ace since the beginning in 2019. He had previous experience from working at a local Honda dealership before join the crew. He is one of the first to shoot targets in a customer's driveway and has great knowledge of the Autel system. Josh has completed over 2,500 ADAS Calibrations and has quickly earned the respect of his peers.


Our Mission is to serve our clients as best we can!

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