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Glass Shop Partners

Are you a Glass Shop in need ADAS calibration services?

Looking to make your installations safer and keep your customers happy?

Want to add $ to your bottom line?

Become a partner and reap the benefits! 

  • Autel Certified Technicians

  • 2-Man Sets / Extra Help

  • Low Flat Rate

  • Quick Job Completion 

  • Experienced and Professional

  • Extra Clean up and Problem Solving

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide expert and trusted in-house contracted ADAS calibration services for independent glass shops. We focus on your profit, safety, service and client retention. Our skills are well recognized by name. We have been in the business for over 24 years. WE DO NOT STEAL JOBS. We are known for getting glass shops we work with 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS. We provide SUPPORT, and NEVER throw you under the bus. We solve problems and make your glass shop money. In 2022, We made our glass shop partners over $300,000.

If we decide to contract for you, we install your ADAS-equipped windshield, and then calibrate it for your glass shop at a flat rate. Everyone gets the same wholesale price. We are CERTIFIED, INSURED and have the EXPERIENCE to make sure the job is finished proper without chance of liabilities. Your customers will appreciate the professionalism and making one appointment instead of two. We can work out a customized service plan to meet your needs!

When it comes to replacing windshields with ADAS equipment, you will not find anyone more qualified to work with. In the world of shrinking margins and growing NAGS discounts, we are determined to add profit to your business.  We want to create a special relationship with you. For more details or to become a partner, please give us a call or fill out the form below.

Glass Shop Partner Form

Thank You!

We work directly with some of the highest rated and most skilled glass professionals in the business. We only work with cars that have ADAS cameras, so if you need glass service for anything else, we refer you on to our trusted partners!

Adam's Auto Glass                    480.242.7991
State 48 Auto Glass                  480.216.1316
Mobile Glassworks                   480.694.3363
Viking Glass                               480.354.3780
Wallace Auto Glass                  480.599.4669 


Autel Coverage Guide

If you are a glass shop looking to find out if a vehicle has ADAS Coverage or which type of coverage, please refer to Autel Coverage Guide below.

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